“Happiness is not so much in having as sharing, we make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give”

I literally want to give you the backpack off my back, and all the gear with it…My sleeping bag, and tent. Someone out there needs change or mabe they have already started. Someone out there wants experience and may need a small hand to start it. Love reflects love and here is how I’m loving you. There more I travel the more I realise I don’t need much, So I want to give you my gear and not only lighten my load but share it with love. All pretty new, it doesn’t come with a receipt but it comes with a story, love and a small change. 

A macpac 50 litre backpack

A macpac 500 escapade sleeping bag

A companion pro-hiker tent

Share this with someone you think may need a helping start, or nominate someone on their behalf. Like my page and message me with a letter or video telling me where you would use it and any lovely story about yourself πŸ™‚  My facebook page link is at the bottom of the page along with my email. I’ll pick someone and if possible I will personally come and drop it off. Small changes, Big love. 

All I ask is that when you have finished your adventure and have no need for the gear that you pass it on to someone who is ready to start their adventure and have this backpack passed on with love.

This isn’t just about me giving something away to help someone, it’s to pay foward all the times someone has smiled at me, talked to me and helped me with my life, shaping who I am today. So hopefully this video reminds you to do something small, to someone you may not even know. 

Small changes, Big love.

Eamon wood