“Nature is pleased with simplicity, and nature is no dummy.” – Issac Newton

7 months into my worldy vagabond, I’ve grown a beard and I now travel with just a small camelback day pack and a guitar.Enough to hold some books, another set of clothes and chargers for the devices ive decided to use to share the journey with everyone.

After letting go of the things I didnt need in America, I now find myself looking at what im using in this moment in France and that I feel all I need is the clothes Im wearing now. I have the urge to liberate myself from everything and emerse myself into either complete wilderness still or now into a country alone where I would have to learn a new language to communicate. However the urge is strong for me to let go of everything, I could quite easily at this stage travel only with my clothes on me and my passport. I want to take the opportunity while it seems easy to do so before the temptation of material life becomes inviting again. 

All I’m feeling now is the same feeling that I had the years leading up to me travelling as I am now, Im waiting and enjoying the time until I am presented with the right moment to let go of everything and start the true life of a Vagabond, or go bush for a while. I picture myself in a bit of land on the west coast of the south island completely in it. Like a man in the movies stranded on a island that has to let go of his modern world and learn to live off the land to survive, build his shelter. I picture myself using all my physical and mental energy not to earn money, but to be swinging through that native bush in my chair on ropes from the trees and building a home with intricate systems like water, and ways of permaculutre. Allowing my creativity for the way I live to evolve, approaching the normal things like getting from A to B in a different way where in the past I would want to fit in and the world is made in such a way that I can just push on a path of some kind, but in the bush that seems illogical to either build a path right across or try and push the terrain…why not strap myself to my chair and swing like tarzan?. I want to have the chance to approach life differently than these last 28 years so far. 

I imagine that all this will happen once I have finished travelling with Julie in Europe, and I have finished with the 3 months training for the New Zealand basketball team I plan on doing before we go to Bejiing. Even though my drive is towards the path of continuing to let go and head down a path on which I cant see past the start, I have these little tangents off the path which I can enjoy.  As long as I keep an overall focus and direction towards the main path of which is grabbing my eye I can enjoy and be happy with these tangents. This is exactly how I felt with this world vagabond that I’m on now, I was doing my engineering apprenticeship, training for basketball, taking up other hobbies and interests but my main goal was to start to learn to let go and get away from all that, and everything I know. I could not wait to start this, and my heart was never free the whole time, the 6 years or so while I found my way to get to this stage. I learned to enjoy all the tangents off the path and the journey towards a path in which I couldnt see past but was excited to get the the start of.

Everyday is a beautiful day, I learn and I live. 

If you could be doing anything right at this moment what would you be doing? comment below, sometimes bringing a thought into the physical world can make it real… 

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